Pluto’s upping its game

improving the outcome

Less than 12 months after its launch, London-based insurtech startup Pluto has announced two major milestones: the launch of its new mobile app and the integration of Babylon Health into its services

Teamed with the new mobile app, Pluto’s integration with Babylon Health provides customers with 24/7 on-demand access to medical help and prescriptions. The app platform negates the need for customers to navigate local languages, instead receiving fast, safe and free medical assistance while travelling abroad.

“Pluto is a game-changing addition to the stale and archaic travel insurance market,” argued Pluto investor Duncan McIntyre. “In an industry that’s in desperate need of changing from reactive to proactive, Pluto it at the forefront of meeting modern travellers needs and expectations. If your flight is delayed or you’re feeling unwell on holiday, it’s providing instant care.”

Amidst these latest additions, Pluto has also announced a funding round for the next stage of its product development and growth through investment platform Seedrs.