No-deal Brexit – not as scary as you might think, says Allianz

The great Brexit divide

Allianz Assistance UK has offered some advice to Brits considering travelling to Europe after 31 October, the date on which the UK is technically supposed to leave the EU

“Whether there’s a deal or not, the one thing we’re sure of post-31 October is that people will continue to travel to Europe,” said Lee Taylor, Allianz Partners UK’s Chief Sales Officer. “Although the date has ghoulish connotations, people needn’t be scared or worried; planning and being aware of what needs to be done and where to find out relevant information is the key to having a successful trip to Europe post-Brexit.”

Allianz advises that travellers: check when their passport expires – though they will not need a visa; be aware that their travel insurance may not cover Brexit-related travel disruption, and that their travel provider should always be the first port of call in the event of such an incident; remember that UK-registered European Health Insurance Cards will no longer be valid in the event of a no-deal Brexit; consider the fact that while currently drivers with a full UK licence don’t need any extra documentation to drive in Europe, in the event of a no-deal Brexit they will need an International Driving Permit as well as their licence.

“There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment,” said Taylor, “but if travellers check the Association of British Insurers’ and Government websites for updates before they go – and their travel insurance – they will enjoy their time in Europe with peace of mind all bases are covered.”

Confusion abounds with regards to Brexit, with contradictory and belligerent government manoeuvres reportedly not helping matters, so it is positive to see a major insurer coming out with easy to follow, cool-headed advice. Hopefully more institutions will follow suit and fill in the support gaps that are being neglected by the government.