Meet Avanti’s new brand ambassadors

Martha and Arthur

In a move that will rejuvenate the company’s customer face and cement its commitment to travel insurance, Avanti Travel Insurance has announced a rebrand of its brand identity and website

The new branding will channel Avanti’s new tagline, ‘That’s Travel Reassurance’, providing support to all of its customers by ensuring they never feel alone when travelling. A new logo and the introduction of brand characters Martha and Arthur, which were developed by creative agency Founded and brought to life via Brazilian 3D animation group Estudio Icone, will be used across all marketing to engage with Avanti’s target audience.

The two characters represent Avanti’s older demographic – ‘those who have worked hard throughout their lives and represent the growing number of customers who are now enjoying the opportunities to see the world that retirement brings’, the company explained.

Brad May, Avanti’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented: "We’re excited to launch Avanti’s new look, which is designed to engage with customers that are looking for more than the cheapest deal. Our customers want reassurance from a travel insurance company when you need us, we’ll be in your corner.”

The new branding works to reassure customers that they are in the hands of a specialist that can provide ‘belt-and-braces- cover’ when they need it most.

“We hope our future customers will be as inspired by the adventures of Martha and Arthur as we are,” added May, “and we genuinely look forward to helping more people with additional medical needs get out there and enjoy their golden years.”