Marsh and Eos partner

Marsh and Eos partner

Broker Marsh and specialist venture capital fund Eos Venture Partners have partnered to deliver innovative risk management solutions to the insurance marketplace.

Marsh’s new cloud-based digital broker platform, Bluestream, will provide leverage to the collaboration, allowing the two companies to share economy solutions.

“Eos is focused on solutions that support data analytics to provide real-time insights to better understand risk, create new dynamic product solutions, and reduce the frequency and severity of losses through active risk management,” said Jonathon Kalman, a founding partner of Eos.

Kalman added that Eos is ‘excited’ to be given the opportunity to collaborate with Marsh and work closely with its digital team. And John Drzik, President of Global Risk and Digital at Marsh, noted that Marsh is seeing great opportunity to innovate solutions with large-scale impacts for a wide range of clients. “A confluence of trends, including real-time data streaming and analytics driven by artificial intelligence, is enabling businesses and the insurance industry to move toward real-time risk management,” he said.

The new partnership follows Marsh’s agreement with London-based insurtech Concirrus to deliver real-time analytics in the global marine sector.