Magnum Travel Services and Sabre are in it for the long haul

signing a contract

Sabre, a technology provider to the travel industry, has signed a long-term agreement with travel management company Magnum Travel Services

The new contract will allow Magnum Travel Services to continue using Sabre’s shopping, booking and travel management solutions and, as such, enhance the customer experience through more personalised services. Sabre’s technology and solutions will also drive new revenue opportunities for Magnum Travel Services, expanding the company footprint and increasing productivity.

Hisham El Saadi, CEO of Magnum Travel Service, commented: “New technology is driving higher expectations from travellers, and there’s now a greater demand for more personalised travel, online and mobile services. We are working with Sabre to build on our success and explore new areas such as online travel, which will enhance the experience for our travellers.”

Abdul-Razzaq Iyer, Vice-President of Sabre Travel Network Middle East noted that Magnum Travel Services’ growth and expansion can be attributed to its ‘appetite for innovation’. He added: “We are proud to support [Magnum Travel Services’] strategic plans through our technology solutions. We are using our global online expertise and technology to launch its new online platform to provide more personalised services and simplify the complexity of the travel experience.”