Insurtech partnership for health and life coverage

Digital handshake

In an exciting insurtech partnership, enterprise software company OutSystems is working with global insurance and health solution provider BIMA

OutSystems has built BIMA Health and BIMA Life, which will go live in January 2020. They will initially be rolled out in Pakistan, where BIMA already has three million customers, and will subsequently be launched in eight other countries, reaching up to six million customers through 2020.

BIMA has a history of using mobile technology to bring virtual health and insurance products to 31 million customers in emerging markets. Now, the partnership with OutSystems will enable BIMA to rapidly build, deploy, and scale the customer engagement web and mobile applications needed to give millions of customers access to microinsurance products that provide health and life coverage for low-income families.

Stephen Lovell, BIMA’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, provided an insight into why BIMA selected OutSystems to build its new BIMA Life and BIMA Health customer engagement apps: “Several factors led us to this decision, including faster speed to market, support for an iterative development approach, and the need for brilliant user experiences. OutSystems gave us the most reassurance in terms of the completeness of product, scalability, support, and access to partner development talent.”

BIMA also has plans to use OutSystems to develop a mobile sales app for field agents, and a web-based doctors’ portal. BIMA Health customers will be able to access doctor consultations and other mobile health services from the new BIMA mobile app. Watch this space!