Generali ranked top by Statista

The top of the pyramid

The market and consumer data provider has named Generali Global Assistance its top travel insurance provider

Statista ranked 10 travel insurers, giving marks out of 10 in various categories in order to determine an aggregate score for each. The ranking involved hundreds of hours of extensive research, including talking to industry insiders, posing as travellers needing to purchase insurance, and reviewing the claims process from start to finish; various scenarios were explored, including a US-based cruise, a holiday in France and an adventure trip to the Antarctic, with the researchers noting how well each insurer performed with regard to the various variables. When the scores were finally calculated, Generali was nearly one full point above its closest competitor.

“We are excited to be recognised as a leading travel insurance company in the US,” said Chris Carnicelli, CEO of Generali Global Assistance. “Receiving this recognition as leading travel provider inspires us to continue providing the best in both products and service to our customers. Among our goals for 2020 is to continue to provide innovative products specifically designed for today's modern traveller, in addition to providing transparency and education for the marketplace.”

Statista’s methodology is intriguing, and it can only be a good thing for independent bodies to take the time to look at insurers’ offerings, analyse their behaviours and determine whether they are performing well or if there is room for improvement. Much like the ‘herd immunity’ effect that makes vaccination so important, the better one insurer performs, the better others in the industry will seek to perform, bringing benefits to all.