Flight delays? No problem!

Launch of TuGo MyFlyt Service
Fabricio Kruel – Project Manager, Eva Lam – Project Coordinator, Lesley Husband ─ Customer Operations Director, TuGo, and Ivan O'Flynn ─ Project Manager, BlinkLaunch at the launch of the TuGo MyFlyt Service

A new partnership between an insurtech and a travel insurance provider will ease the inconvenience of flight delays for travellers

Canadian travel insurer TuGo has partnered with Irish insurtech Blink. Blink’s goal is to build data-driven travel disruption insurance solutions, and as such the company has developed TuGo’s MyFlyt service. This complimentary service aims to ease the frustration of flight delays by providing travel insurance customers with access to an airport lounge or cash payout when their flight is delayed for two hours or more. Travellers can register their flight details with MyFlyt and Blink will then monitor the flight in real time. In the event that the flight is delayed by two hours or more, the traveller is automatically notified via text message and email.

Paul Prendergast, CEO and Co-Founder of Blink, commented on TuGo’s reputation for excellent service and said that Blink looks forward to continuing to enhance TuGo's travel products with tailor-made travel solutions to improve their customers' experiences when flights are delayed.

Kathy Starko, TuGo's Executive Director and Chief Production Officer, also commented on the partnership: “At TuGo, travellers are at the core of why we do what we do. As a customer centric organisation, we're constantly looking to improve their experiences, and MyFlyt is a great first step. We can't give travellers back lost time, but we can give them a place to relax or some cash to keep them busy while they wait out their flight delay. Instantly and effectively, MyFlyt does just that for our travel insurance customers."

We at ITIJ understand the frustration of flight delays, particularly substantial delays and the inconvenience they can cause. As such, we are excited to learn of a new product that will help mitigate this frustration and keep consumers happy.