Expats’ health insurance scheme to be launched in Kuwait


Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persia (Arabian) Gulf, is soon to instate a government-run health insurance scheme available through the Health Insurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman)

According to the company website, Dhaman was established by a Ministerial Decree, as part of the development plan set forth by the State of Kuwait to be the first private healthcare company in the region and the Gulf Co-operation Council to adopt world-class healthcare standards.

In co-ordination with the Ministry of Health, Dhaman will implement a government-run health insurance scheme next year for expatriates working in the private sector, and their families, which will cover medical tests, X-rays and other treatments. The premium for the cover will be set at KWD130 (US$428) per year and the scheme will take effect next year, when the Dhaman network of hospitals opens its doors.