Clinerion to reach hospitals in Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Clinerion to reach hospitals in Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Clinerion has announced that it is expanding the coverage of the Patient Network Explorer platform to patients and hospitals in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina by partnering with 2 GL Outsourcing.

2 GL Outsourcing is a pharmaceutical and clinical contract research and outsourcing organisation that provides a full range of professional services for the set up and support of clinical research and development projects. Its scope of operations covers Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina and it also has partnerships in Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Through the partnership, 2 GL will support the expansion of the network of partner hospitals on the Patient Network Explorer platform to the countries 2 GL covers, which will leverage its clinical research ecosystem in the region. Together, the companies’ services will accelerate access for patients and hospitals to next-generation medical treatments.

“With Patient Network Explorer, the selection of centres, patients and researchers in the region for international, sponsored trials will greatly accelerate. This is definitively the most important benefit of co-operating with Clinerion,” commented Zoran Aćimović, CEO of 2 GL Outsourcing. “At the same time, our team of highly skilled staff is qualified to respond very quickly to the high-quality requirements of emerging projects which are very demanding. This relieves the client and their human resources of time- and energy-consuming tasks, which usually has a favourable effect on the client’s business.”

“Clinerion is working hard to bring medicines quicker to patients around the world, both by facilitating the matching of trials to patients, and by accelerating drug approvals,” said Ian Rentsch, Clinerion CEO. “2 GL offers a great network which can support the expansion of our coverage in the region, as well as the right, professional services to conduct clinical trials to the highest levels of quality.”