British Airways sued over ‘infected food’

Sick woman clutching stomach

From being the target of a cyberattack that resulted in the airline having to pay out a hefty fine, to pilots striking due to pay and conditions, British Airways has had its (well publicised) struggles this year – and it’s not over yet.

The airline recently coughed up (no pun intended) £15,000 to a passenger who claimed that BA was responsible for giving her food poisoning and ruining a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Food poisoning is definitely not something you’d expect from a five-star trip, yet just three days into her all-inclusive break, Jessica Librati was struck down by gastroenteritis. “It was Dominican five-star, so you don’t have the same expectation as if you were going to the Ritz in London, but it was still a five-star holiday, so it was disappointing,” she said. “The chicken appeared pink and undercooked. I’m not the sort of person to make a big fuss, I just got something else.”

She sued BA for compensation, believing the airline was liable as it had guaranteed high-quality food throughout the holiday. Although BA denied responsibility, it agreed to pay out £4,250 in compensation and £11,000 for Librati’s legal costs after a judge ruled that ‘infected food’ from the hotel was likely to blame.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but let’s hope BA has some better news in 2020!

Sick woman clutching stomach