International Hospitals and Healthcare News

r Dilshaad Ali, CEO, Avivo Group
19 Mar 2019

Dubai, UAE-based healthcare services provider Avivo Group is set to launch the second phase of its AI-powered chatbot, AVY, which it hopes will help eliminate the waiting time of patients at the Group’s clinics and hospitals.

Avivo Group is the first healthcare provider in the UAE to introduce an AI-powered chatbot to assist its patients 24/7.

The second phase will integrate appointment schedules with clinical systems to provide a basic awareness of specialities and medical problems to patients and their caregivers.

Neravez and Dr Hariri
18 Mar 2019

BPU International is partnering with SEVA Technology on delirium and dementia research.

Scientists doing research in lab
15 Mar 2019

A new large-scale international trial led by the University of Birmingham in the UK explored whether antibiotics can avoid the surgical complication of a potentially fatal pelvic infection and could help shape international guidelines and policy practice.

Map of Poland
13 Mar 2019

Clinerion is expanding into Poland, with the Szpital Specjalistyczny w Brzozowie (the Specialist Hospital in Brzozów) set to join Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform.

Touchscreen healthcare
12 Mar 2019

A new research project is planned between the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and SAMI Consulting to explore how the digitisation of medical records can improve access to insurance.

Illustration of diverse women
08 Mar 2019

In the WHO European Region, women comprise the majority of the health workforce, but work remains to be done.

Map of Hungary
05 Mar 2019

Clinerion has expanded into Hungary, adding the University of Debrecen to its international patient network, which it said will help to bring treatments to patients in Hungary faster.

Futuristic touchscreen display
01 Mar 2019

Provider of virtual care solutions GlobalMed has announced that it will partner with Argentina-based healthcare network Meditar, helping Meditar to market direct-to-consumer virtual health.

Female holding piggy bank
28 Feb 2019

A new study from researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in the US has found that due to high out-of-pocket expenses, Ohio residents who purchase subsidised health-exchange insurance often can't afford the care they need when they need it.

Global healthcare
27 Feb 2019

Insurer BDU International has unveiled a new brand, becoming Further and offering enhanced services for international patients.