International Hospitals and Healthcare Features

The perfect medical provider

What does a company providing emergency assistance in remote locations look for in a medical provider? Tatum Anderson reports.

The right care

Dr Peter Mills, Associate Medical Director of Cigna Europe, discusses his interesting journey to this role, highlights global health challenges, and shares his wish for i

The Amazon of healthcare
Dr Mitesh Patel, Medical Director, Aetna International, discusses the idea of a one-stop-shop for healthcare needs that offers personalised care.
Greece Spotlight

Long considered to be the ‘Cradle of Western Civilisation’, Greece is an idyllic tourist destination, with more than 200 inhabited islands.

From advanced remote robotic surgery, gene-editing and cancer-killing nanobots to remote sepsis patient monitoring apps and blockchain enabled cancer screening, the future for medical technologies has never been brighter.

Anthony Harrington explores the importance of wellbeing policies for expats abroad.

Sigal Atzmon, CEO at Medix Global, discusses how healthcare companies are finding ways to create shared value.