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Are European and British insurers offering very different travel insurance products when it comes to limits and exclusions on private healthcare?

The rise of social media means that more travellers are being reported missing to a wider audience in a more timely fashion. But how many of these cases are genuine, and why should the travel insurance industry care?

Randall Gordon-Duff, head of product, corporate travel, for Collinson Group in the UK, explains how in a world of converging yet diverse risk factors, business travellers must maintain vigilance and good judgment

Travellers embarking on cruise holidays present a broad set of risks. Mandy Langfield looks at how the insurance industry has developed unique products for this niche travelling population.

Christopher Ling, vice-president of insurance for Capgemini’s Financial Services Strategic Business Unit, discusses how the industry has to adapt to win over a new generation of customers
Regulators in Canada have told local travel insurers to lighten consumers’ burden. What is the situation, and where could it be going? Milan Korcok reports
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