Forward features

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Coming up in ITIJ:

  • Raising consumer awareness - how the industry can do better
  • Cyber risk and data protection
  • News analysis - extreme weather
  • Global Expat Report update - where are companies sending their employees?
  • Microinsurance - bite-size policies for a changing world
  • Bancassurance - a lucrative market?
  • The renewal process - getting it right
  • Aggregators and the commoditisation of travel insurance
  • Reinsurance for the global travel and health insurance industry
  • Risk management - preception versus reality
  • Changing cover needs of the ageing global population
  • From grudge purchase to popular purchase - how technology is making travel insurance more attractive
  • The price is right - should travel insurance premiums cost more?


Coming up in ITIJ's Review publications in 2019:


Air Ambulance Review - March

  • Pricing in the global air ambulance industry - what's fair?
  • No-go zones - evacuations from high-risk areas
  • Provider partnerships - what do these mean in practice?


Assistance & Repatriation Review - April

  • Ground transport services
  • Funeral repatriations - working with the wider assistance industry
  • Ethics and helicopter evacuations
  • Good working practice - what's the right time to repatriate?


Insurtech Review - May

  • Claims automation and digital claims
  • Underwriting in the insurtech age 
  • The rise of the chatbots
  • Insurtech - the story so far


Cost Containment Review - June

  • Containing costs in Mexico and the Caribbean
  • Effective network management


Air Ambulance Review - September

  • Team talk - the importance of mission debriefs
  • Flight planning - putting all the variables into place


Assistance & Repatriation Review - October

  • Japan prepares for the World Cup and Olympic Games
  • A day in the life of an assistance doctor
  • End of life repats


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