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Start-up disruptors in the global travel insurance sector
How insurers choose their underwriting partners
The travel and health insurance market in Latin America
Travel assistance aps – are they a worthy investment?
Kidnap and ransom cover for business travellers
Bancassurance – the perfect partnership for travel and health insurance providers?
Slum tourism – the travelling trend that causes serious headaches for travel insurance and assistance providers
Cyber risk – insurance and assistance providers hold a lot of patient information on their systems; how can the risk of being hacked be mitigated, and what happens if the data is breached?
Gadget add-ons – the need for people to have the appropriate cover for their electronic items has never been more important
Indian outbound travel continues to grow – how can travel insurers tap into the market?


2017 Review publications:

  • October 2017 - Cost Containment Review
  • December 2017 - ITIC Global (Barcelona) & ITIJ Awards Review


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