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Coming up in ITIJ:

  • Fraud

What trends are insurance companies seeing with regards to how claimants how attempting to defraud their insurers? How is the move towards claims automation affecting fraud levels?

  • Infectious disease update

Where’s risky, and what for in 2018? What ongoing problems are there as a result of drug-resistance?

  • Security concerns driving additional cover

Terrorism disruption cover is slowly being introduced to the market, including disinclination to travel cover – who is introducing it, how complicated was it to find an underwriter? It’s moving into the leisure market now, not just for business. How else are they shaping products?

  • Winter sports cover

The latest policy innovations

  • Shift towards more tailored products

Will start-ups/innovation push the market further in this direction?

  • Business travel insurance costs vs quality

As companies are demanding more from their business travel insurance policies, are costs rising, or are they demanding more service for the same money? How are insurers responding?


2018 Review publications:

  • Cost Containment Review (June)
  • Air Ambulance Review II (September)
  • Assistance & Repatriation Review II (October)
  • ITIC Global Review (December)


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