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Coming up in ITIJ:

  • Fraud

What trends are insurance companies seeing with regards to how claimants how attempting to defraud their insurers? How is the move towards claims automation affecting fraud levels?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

How these are best covered by travel and health insurers

  • Shift towards more tailored products

Will start-ups/innovation push the market further in this direction?

  • The value of consumer reviews and independent ratings

Have online review sites changed the way in which insurers are dealing with complaints? What's the real value of ratings agencies?

  • US regulations - the introduction of the Limited Lines Act continues across states
  • Global Expat Report update - where are companies sending their employees?


2018 Review publications:

  • Air Ambulance Review II (September)
  • Assistance & Repatriation Review II (October)
  • ITIC Global Review (December)


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