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ITIJ 201, October 2017
Jonathan Bancroft, head of security at Traveller Assist, explains why he thinks cost-cutting efforts by travel insurers are having the opposite effect and are in fact increasing their costs
Op Ed
ITIJ 200, September 2017
Robert Muttock, partner with law firm Clyde & Co UK, and Miguel Relano, partner with Clyde & Co Spain, discuss the problem of fake illness claims 
Op Ed
ITIJ 197, June 2017

Randall Gordon-Duff, Collinson Group, explains how in a world of converging yet diverse risk factors, business travellers must maintain vigilance and good judgment

Op Ed
ITIJ 195, April 2017

Christopher Ling, vice-president of insurance for Capgemini’s Financial Services Strategic Business Unit, discusses how the industry has to adapt to win over a new generation of customers.

Op Ed
ITIJ 198, July 2017

Dr Eric R Miller, global head of corporate at Doctor Care Anywhere, discusses how Britons in Europe could access healthcare after Brexit.

Op Ed