News analysis

Providing deeper investigation into current issues, ITIJ’s News Analysis features allow us to expand on some of our top news stories to get to the heart of the most pressing matters affecting the industry.

ITIJ 200, September 2017

Are European and British insurers offering very different travel insurance products when it comes to limits and exclusions on private healthcare?

ITIJ 198, July 2017

Regulators in Canada have told local travel insurers to lighten consumers’ burden. What is the situation, and where could it be going?

ITIJ 198, July 2017

Whatever actually happened when the IT system that guides British Airways flights around the world crashed at the end of May, and whoever was responsible, the effect on passengers was undeniable – hours spent in airports waiting for flights that never took off, and long delays resulting in cancelled hotel bookings, missed flight connections and ruined trips.

ITIJ 197, May 2017

Canada’s travel insurance market is agile and robust, but issues of trust remain. Milan Korcok reports on the latest figures from the Conference Board of Canada.

ITIJ 196, April 2017

Milan Korcok assesses the current situation in the US concerning healthcare policy reform, and looks to the not-too-distant future to see its effect on the spiralling cost of healthcare

ITIJ 196, May 2017

The latest security measures affecting travellers to the US and Britain have forced some insurers to rethink their policies covering valuables carried in hold luggage. Robin Gauldie reports.

ITIJ 191, December 2016
Mandy Langfield looks at the sometimes rocky relationship between the insurance industry and its customers, and asks what can be done to improve things.
ITIJ 190, November 2016

Industry players talk to David Kernek about the recent Wise Guy Reports research showing a 12.3-per-cent shrinkage in the UK’s travel cover market in 2015. Is that figure an accurate reflection of the challenge facing the industry, he asks? If so, what can be done to arrest the decline?

ITIJ 188, September 2016

Following a spate of terror attacks on European soil this summer, travel insurers in the UK and US are responding to more calls about policy coverage from concerned travellers. How the industry meets the challenge of protecting tourists from the impact of terrorism going forward will be key to how it is perceived by the media and its customers

ITIJ 188 September

Canadian insurance regulators have urged the nation’s travel insurers to help consumers better understand travel health insurance products, assist them with their purchasing decisions, and more equitably meet their fair expectations of coverage.

ITIJ 188, September 2016

Ian Brown, partner and specialist travel solicitor at Trowers and Hamlins, considers the decision that ‘collateral lies’ told by insureds whilst pursuing a claim are no longer grounds for insurers to decline a claim.