ITIJ features

ITIJ 198, July 2017

When underwriting an IPMI policy, key pricing and experience rating considerations must be made.

ITIJ 197, June 2017

Profit margins in the travel insurance sector are squeezed pretty much as tight as they will go, but one way in which profits can be boosted is through partnerships – whether it is a trade union, an airline or a credit card provider – increasing market share without necessarily re-designing the product. Just how powerful are these partnerships?

ITIJ 197, May 2017

The sources from whom travellers and their insurance companies are getting their advice matters, especially when information can vary, resulting in confusion and lack of coverage. ITIJ investigates.

ITIJ 196, May 2017

Travelling with a baby or young children on a gap year poses many challenges, not least finding the right insurance cover. Could this growing demographic be better served by insurers?

ITIJ 196, May 2017

Investment in claims automation processes is picking up pace as insurers continue to embrace the digitisation of their industry. ITIJ looks at what you get for your money.

ITIJ 195, April 2016
Could an ageing cohort of sub-aqua enthusiasts be a worry for insurers? 
ITIJ 194, March 2017

ITIJ explores the complexities of duty of care for leisure travellers.

ITIJ 194, March 2017

Robin Gauldie assesses the dangers lurking in the depths.

ITIJ 193, February 2017

Mandy Langfield spoke to experts around the world about the complex issue of duty of care legislation.

ITIJ 193, February 2017

Robin Gauldie investigates the travel insurance industry’s approach to covering watersports.

ITIJ 192, January 2017

Making sure travel is accessible for those with a disability is vital, says Mandy Langfield.