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This section provides readers with an inside view on the thoughts of key decision makers on the current issues facing their sector, as well as their latest company news and how it relates to industry matters, plus an insight into the ‘person behind the job role’. Below, you’ll find our archive of ‘Profiles’. Click on them to read the full interview, or use the search box above to find specific individuals.

ITIJ 196, May 2017

Kazumasa Yoshida

President and CEO
Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ)
I feel my life has been a lucky one
ITIJ 195, April 2016

Meredith Staib

CEO of global medical assistance
Cover-More Group
I like a challenge and I love making a difference
ITIJ 192, January 2017

Christiane Burniston

CEO and chairman
ChargeCare International
the insurance industry is more volatile than most. You never quite know what is around the corner
ITIJ 190, November 2016

Pete Storey

1Cover Direct Insurance
[one] advantage of not coming from an insurance background was that we didn’t have pre-conceived ideas about what could and couldn’t be done
ITIJ 188, September 2016

Ciaran Mulligan

Managing director
Blue Insurance
The general insurance industry has been slow to move with the times but is starting to catch up now
ITIJ 187, August 2016

Daniel Hummel

Managing director
Falck Global Assistance
Strong cost containment does not contradict strong quality
ITIJ 186, July 2016

Richard di Benedetto

Aetna International
The challenge for the industry is how best to design and implement strategies that help local populations change lifestyles and reverse negative trends
ITIJ 185, June 2016

Kate Huet

Managing director
International Travel and Healthcare Limited
How well are we catering for this risk? Can we do better?
ITIJ 184, May 2016

Alain M. Blancard

President & CEO
Mega Assistance Services Inc.
I know of nothing better than to assist a fellow human being struck by illness or disaster
ITIJ 183, April 2016

Susan Stevenson

Cigna Insurance Services
I see my position as the CEO as being fundamentally a marketing role
ITIJ 182, March 2016

Gitte Bach

President and CEO
New Frontier Group
Personal touch and transparency always lead to better communication