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Providing a unique insight into the lives and careers of some of the top players in the global travel and health insurance industry, our Profile section provides a window on the person behind the job role. Search for specific people or companies using the search box at the top of the page.

ITIJ 196, May 2017
Kazumasa Yoshida
President and CEO
Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ)
ITIJ 195, April 2016
Meredith Staib
CEO of global medical assistance
Cover-More Group
ITIJ 192, January 2017
Christiane Burniston
CEO and chairman
ChargeCare International
ITIJ 190, November 2016
Pete Storey
1Cover Direct Insurance
ITIJ 188, September 2016
Ciaran Mulligan
Managing director
Blue Insurance
ITIJ 187, August 2016
Daniel Hummel
Managing director
Falck Global Assistance
ITIJ 186, July 2016
Richard di Benedetto
Aetna International
ITIJ 185, June 2016
Kate Huet
Managing director
International Travel and Healthcare Limited
ITIJ 184, May 2016
Alain M. Blancard
President & CEO
Mega Assistance Services Inc.
ITIJ 183, April 2016
Susan Stevenson
Cigna Insurance Services