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Issue 215 | December 2018
Canada’s full legalisation of marijuana began with a lot of hoopla and no small amount of confusion, as hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens lined up for hours before midnight in each of the nation’s six time zones to buy their first ever legally-sanctioned, government-approved ration of pot. Milan Korcok has the details
News analysis

The future for medical technologies has never been brighter. Tatum Anderson reports.

Anthony Harrington explores the importance of wellbeing policies for expats abroad.

Sigal Atzmon, CEO at Medix Global, discusses how healthcare companies are finding ways to create shared value.


Healthcare and health insurance in the UAE.

With visiting doctor services gaining popularity in the global medical assistance industry, Christian Northwood finds out how cost savings are one of the keys to their success

Sigal Atzmon, CEO at Medix Global, sheds light on technological trends that are creating the future of healthcare
Dr Nicolette Louissaint, Executive Director, discusses the key issues facing public health and explains how Healthcare Ready safeguards patient health.
Anthony Harrington investigates how disruptive blockchain could be for health insurance.
Pamela Frank and Jarrett Fowler of USCIPP discuss their work to meet the needs presented by rapidly expanding health innovation and healthcare.


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