The feature articles in ITIJ are an integral part of the publication, allowing us to place a special focus on issues and trends affecting the global travel and health insurance industry. Whether an extended article analysing a key topic in the news, a ‘Profile’ interview with a leading industry representative, or an in-depth look at a pertinent subject area, ITIJ’s ‘features’ provide unique industry insights and offer readers a chance to keep up-to-date with the latest thinking on the most important issues.

ITIJ features

ITIJ 198, July 2017

When underwriting an IPMI policy, key pricing and experience rating considerations must be made.

ITIJ 197, June 2017

Profit margins in the travel insurance sector are squeezed pretty much as tight as they will go, but one way in which profits can be boosted is through partnerships – whether it is a trade union, an airline or a credit card provider – increasing market share without necessarily re-designing the product. Just how powerful are these partnerships?

ITIJ 197, May 2017

The sources from whom travellers and their insurance companies are getting their advice matters, especially when information can vary, resulting in confusion and lack of coverage. ITIJ investigates.

ITIJ 196, May 2017

Travelling with a baby or young children on a gap year poses many challenges, not least finding the right insurance cover. Could this growing demographic be better served by insurers?

ITIJ 196, May 2017

Investment in claims automation processes is picking up pace as insurers continue to embrace the digitisation of their industry. ITIJ looks at what you get for your money.

Personal profiles

ITIJ 196, May 2017
Kazumasa Yoshida
President and CEO
Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ)
I feel my life has been a lucky one
ITIJ 195, April 2016
Meredith Staib
CEO of global medical assistance
Cover-More Group
I like a challenge and I love making a difference
ITIJ 192, January 2017
Christiane Burniston
CEO and chairman
ChargeCare International
the insurance industry is more volatile than most. You never quite know what is around the corner
ITIJ 190, November 2016
Pete Storey
1Cover Direct Insurance
[one] advantage of not coming from an insurance background was that we didn’t have pre-conceived ideas about what could and couldn’t be done
ITIJ 188, September 2016
Ciaran Mulligan
Managing director
Blue Insurance
The general insurance industry has been slow to move with the times but is starting to catch up now

News analysis

ITIJ 198, July 2017

Regulators in Canada have told local travel insurers to lighten consumers’ burden. What is the situation, and where could it be going?

ITIJ 198, July 2017

Whatever actually happened when the IT system that guides British Airways flights around the world crashed at the end of May, and whoever was responsible, the effect on passengers was undeniable – hours spent in airports waiting for flights that never took off, and long delays resulting in cancelled hotel bookings, missed flight connections and ruined trips.

ITIJ 197, May 2017

Canada’s travel insurance market is agile and robust, but issues of trust remain. Milan Korcok reports on the latest figures from the Conference Board of Canada.

ITIJ 196, April 2017

Milan Korcok assesses the current situation in the US concerning healthcare policy reform, and looks to the not-too-distant future to see its effect on the spiralling cost of healthcare.

ITIJ 196, May 2017
The latest security measures affecting travellers to the US and Britain have forced some insurers to rethink their policies covering valuables carried in hold luggage. ITIJ reports.

Company profiles


ITIJ 197, July 2017

AIG has served the global travel industry for over 75 years. The company first entered the market by providing baggage insurance to international travellers pre-World War II and further expanded its travel business in the following years. AIG Travel, Inc. (AIG Travel), a member of American International Group, Inc., is a worldwide leader in travel insurance solutions and assistance. Travel Guard®, founded in 1982 and acquired in 2006 by American International Group, Inc.

ITIJ 198, July 2017

Global insurance, reinsurance and service-providing company within the Mapfre family

Op Ed

ITIJ 198, July 2017

Dr Frances Cheng, a specialist in psychiatry at The Alpha Clinic in Hong Kong, discusses restrictions on mental health cover in IPMI policies.

ITIJ 198, July 2017

Dr Eric R Miller, global head of corporate at Doctor Care Anywhere, discusses how Britons in Europe could access healthcare after Brexit.