The feature articles in ITIJ are an integral part of the publication, allowing us to place a special focus on issues and trends affecting the global travel and health insurance industry. Whether an extended article analysing a key topic in the news, a ‘Profile’ interview with a leading industry representative, or an in-depth look at a pertinent subject area, ITIJ’s ‘features’ provide unique industry insights and offer readers a chance to keep up-to-date with the latest thinking on the most important issues.

ITIJ features

ITIJ 195, April 2016
Could an ageing cohort of sub-aqua enthusiasts be a worry for insurers? 
ITIJ 194, March 2017

ITIJ explores the complexities of duty of care for leisure travellers.

ITIJ 194, March 2017

Robin Gauldie assesses the dangers lurking in the depths.

ITIJ 193, February 2017

Mandy Langfield spoke to experts around the world about the complex issue of duty of care legislation.

ITIJ 193, February 2017

Robin Gauldie investigates the travel insurance industry’s approach to covering watersports.


ITIJ 195, April 2016
Meredith Staib
CEO of global medical assistance
Cover-More Group
I like a challenge and I love making a difference
ITIJ 192, January 2017
Christiane Burniston
CEO and chairman
ChargeCare International
the insurance industry is more volatile than most. You never quite know what is around the corner
ITIJ 190, November 2016
Pete Storey
1Cover Direct Insurance
[one] advantage of not coming from an insurance background was that we didn’t have pre-conceived ideas about what could and couldn’t be done
ITIJ 188, September 2016
Ciaran Mulligan
Managing director
Blue Insurance
The general insurance industry has been slow to move with the times but is starting to catch up now
ITIJ 187, August 2016
Daniel Hummel
Managing director
Falck Global Assistance
Strong cost containment does not contradict strong quality

News analysis

ITIJ 191, December 2016
Mandy Langfield looks at the sometimes rocky relationship between the insurance industry and its customers, and asks what can be done to improve things.
ITIJ 190, November 2016

Industry players talk to David Kernek about the recent Wise Guy Reports research showing a 12.3-per-cent shrinkage in the UK’s travel cover market in 2015. Is that figure an accurate reflection of the challenge facing the industry, he asks? If so, what can be done to arrest the decline?

ITIJ 188, September 2016

Following a spate of terror attacks on European soil this summer, travel insurers in the UK and US are responding to more calls about policy coverage from concerned travellers. How the industry meets the challenge of protecting tourists from the impact of terrorism going forward will be key to how it is perceived by the media and its customers

ITIJ 188 September

Canadian insurance regulators have urged the nation’s travel insurers to help consumers better understand travel health insurance products, assist them with their purchasing decisions, and more equitably meet their fair expectations of coverage.

ITIJ 188, September 2016

Ian Brown, partner and specialist travel solicitor at Trowers and Hamlins, considers the decision that ‘collateral lies’ told by insureds whilst pursuing a claim are no longer grounds for insurers to decline a claim.