Europ Assistance

ITIJ 196, May 2017
Founded in 1963, Europ Assistance is a pioneer in assistance and services with over 50 years’ experience behind it. Europ Assistance has a broad international footprint, serving 300 million customers in 208 countries (in 2015, EA realised more than 11.6 million interventions, and managed over 71 million calls, serving customers directly or through 750 000 partners around the world, and a medical network composed of 400 doctors and nurses). The company provides emergency and on-demand services to corporate clients and individuals (i.e. direct-to-consumer) in selected markets.
EA operates five business lines: Automotive, Travel, Health, Home & Family and Concierge & CRM. Examples of travel services include travel insurance and assistance, medical repatriation, cancellation insurance and lost luggage insurance. Examples of Health & Corporate services are health assistance, treatment of dependency, chronic disease management, medical monitoring before and after hospitalisation, prevention, health solutions for employees, business travelers and expatriates, travel for treatment, and on-site medical care.
Do you have any affinity deals/white-labelling agreements in place? 
As the pioneer of travel assistance and insurance, the Europ Assistance brand has been trusted for over 50+ years and our distributors rely on this element to drive sales and provide the end customer with peace of mind. For this reason, most of our B2B deals are Europ Assistance branded. We are also able to white label our services to maximise the brand visibility of our clients.
Who are your assistance partners?
We have in-house teams including over 400 doctors and manage a network of more than 750,000 providers globally. Our teams ensure 24/7 services to travellers in the leisure and corporate segments, with the highest possible quality of service and well-mastered claims costs.
What are your latest travel insurance products? 
Presented to the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, Europ Assistance has launched the new generation of travel insurance product, associating the traditional travel insurance with a connected device to track luggage and reduce to minimum the risks of baggage loss.
In which countries/regions do you sell the most travel insurance policies?
We are a global travel insurance and assistance player. We guide our clients everywhere in the world. When it comes to regional footprints, we are leading the markets in Europe, North and Latin America.
Do you have any new products/deals on the horizon? 
Yes of course. Our global teams have a strong commercial presence and are always working on the development of new solutions to answer to our clients’ needs in a customised way.
Do you underwrite your travel policies in-house? 
Given our extensive experience in the travel business, we underwrite in-house, reaping the benefits of our global presence. 
Do you manage your own claims, or do you work with a claims management company?
We always want to provide the best service to our customers and managing claims is a key aspect in the customer journey. We strive every day to continuously improve the customer experience and count on cutting-edge technology combined with the unique expertise of our people to do so. We have rolled out a global NPS programme to ensure that we are consistently measuring the quality of service that we provide among multiple attributes. For these reasons, we believe claims management is part of the DNA of Europ Assistance.



Interview with Pablo Moreno, global head of travel

What is your experience in the travel insurance industry, and what do you enjoy most about your current role?
I’ve been with Europ Assistance for 10 years, starting out as head of sales and marketing at EA Spain and now in my current role as head of the travel global business line. This role is very exciting for me as I get the opportunity to build on some of the capabilities I started at EA Spain and work with the sales and marketing teams across our companies to develop global products and meet the needs of our international clients.
What are your current key objectives?
Continue to deliver best-in-class service both to travellers and our distribution partners, become the global reference for clients seeking international travel insurance solutions, and develop innovative solutions that are tailored to the market needs.
What are some of the biggest challenges currently facing global travel insurers, and how are these being met?
It’s interesting to look at the larger travel industry because on one end there is a lot of consolidation among large, global players but at the same time there are new upstarts popping up every day creating new segments and niches. The challenge for global travel insurers is how to meet the needs of both – with the ability to accompany the global expansion of these large distributors/partners and provide quality, consistent products and customer service in a turnkey fashion while also being able to tap into these new niches and segments with innovative products. The rise of the sharing economy is also a huge opportunity for travel insurers. The growth of the sharing economy is founded on trust – the two ends ‘sharing’ the asset have to trust each other. This is something insurance, and more specifically travel insurance, provides. Finally, the continued rise of digital and mobile demands that all players in the travel industry meet consumer expectations about how they want to interact with companies they do business with. This is even more critical when we look at emerging markets which have completely leapfrogged past traditional channels and are mobile first markets.
How do you see travel insurance products and services developing in the coming years?
I think we will see travel insurance products and services evolving to meet the challenges I noted above. Products that fit the needs of large, global distribution partners, those tailored to niche segments like holiday rentals, for example, and a more digital mobile customer experience for travel insurance customers.