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Temos receives ISQua accreditation

Temos’ Founder and CEO Dr Claudia Mika

German-based accreditation body Temos International has been accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), and is the first accreditation body in Germany to receive this gold standard. ISQua’s accreditation programme provides worldwide recognition for accredited organisations that meet approved international standards.

Temos was founded in 2010 and accredits hospitals and clinics, dental services, IVF clinics, physical rehabilitation services, and eye care clinics as well as medical travel co-ordinators. The accreditation of its standards demonstrates to hospitals, clinics, patients, insurance and self-insured companies, Ministries of Health and others that Temos-accredited providers pursue continuous quality improvement and adhere to international best practices.

“Acquiring ISQua accreditation is validation of our continuing commitment to our clients and the patients they serve,” said Temos’ Founder and CEO Dr Claudia Mika. “ISQua accreditation is a significant milestone for the company and its accredited providers. Temos offers its clients the highest possible standards so that they deliver excellent quality care to their patients. This achievement is a demonstration of our dedication to our current and future clients.”