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New short-term health insurance option

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Silicon Valley, US-based technology company has announced that it is expanding its product portfolio by offering short-term health insurance plans with maximum coverage durations of up to three years. This could come as good news for consumers who are frustrated with frequently reapplying.

Although several insurance companies have begun offering 12-month plans in several states, AgileHealthInsurance is among the first to offer the 36-month option online. “With the introduction of these plans on the Agile site, the process for securing longer duration major medical health insurance is now easier for our customers,” said Gavin Southwell, CEO of AgileHealthInsurance. “We are also proud to offer certain pre-existing conditions protections with these plans to better protect our customers while continuing to deliver affordable and reliable health insurance options."

AgileHealthInsurance said that, since the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, short-term health insurance has been seen as a way to bridge employer or ACA plans. It also said that not all states have adopted the longer duration option, but that it has created an interactive guide, so consumers can learn what the maximum coverage options are for their state.