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New health centre to boost international patient care in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi viewed from the air

Corniche Hospital in Abu Dhabi – the city’s flagship maternity hospital – has launched a new health centre that it hopes will boost patient care. The hospital is Joint Commission International accredited and serves patients from many counties. With the addition of the new centre, the Women’s Health Centre, it may welcome even more international patients.

The goal of the Women’s Health Centre is to provide extra support for women who may feel uncomfortable receiving non-maternity care at the hospital. According to the hospital’s CEO Linda Clark, the clinic was previously used for obstetric treatment but has been revamped to improve the care that is given to all of its patients.

"It has always been called the Women's Health Centre but in the past has been focused on obstetric care. It is now dedicated to gynaecology and family medicine,” she said. “Now there is a convenient private outpatient clinic that is available for women who are not pregnant. As Corniche Hospital is widely known for obstetrics, some women are not comfortable if they have gynaecological issues and feel like they shouldn’t be in an obstetrics facility.”

The new health centre boasts 10 consultants and two family physicians and accepts national and international patients.