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New guide for implementing cost-effective telemedicine

User guide

First Stop Health, which provides telemedicine services through employers to their employees, is releasing a guide to help employers to implement virtual care solutions in order to combat the growing costs of healthcare.

The Buyer’s Guide to Telemedicine offers guidance on finding high return-on-investment virtual care that delivers savings and also provides tips to assist employers in choosing the best possible telemedicine solution for their company.

With telemedicine gaining rapid traction as more employees and healthcare providers learn of the benefits, this report could be a useful resource for many and also lead to cost reductions. With most telemedicine programmes delivering utilisation rates of one to 10 per cent, First Stop Health’s Guide suggests that employers should look for a solution that achieves at least 25 per cent usage and guarantees employer savings.

“The goal of the Buyer’s Guide to Telemedicine is to help employers choose a telemedicine solution that reduces medical claims and overall healthcare costs while delivering a convenient, quality experience for employees,” said David Guttman, President of First Stop Health.