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New app for managing healthcare

Person using app

A new app is aiming to help make healthcare fast, easy and accessible. The DocHQ app offers a symptom checker service, the location of nearby healthcare resources and facilities and discounts on nutritional and health products from established brands. The idea is that it will improve the range of healthcare services available to users.

Using the symptom checker, users can type in their symptoms and then be prompted with relevant questions that lead to a summary report of possible conditions. It can then help users to find healthcare services nearby at any time, tailoring the medical support service options to the severity of symptoms.

In addition, information is available on vaccinations required by travellers and how far in advance to take them before setting off. New features planned for the app include mental wellbeing tips, an appointment booker and a mental health checker.

Madhur Srivastava, CEO of DocH, said: “We've built an easy-to-use app that is ideal for helping people manage their everyday health. It provides symptom-based guidance and finds all the healthcare options local to our users. The app is ideal for anyone visiting an area in the UK that is unknown to them, as they can easily find the nearest GP, pharmacy, dentist or walk-in centre, providing healthcare services in one quick tap. We’ve also just added a Travel Vaccination feature for anyone travelling abroad.

“In a time-poor society, where modern life demands can be intense, we understand that individuals don’t always have the time to wait for appointments with local GPs. Rather than googling symptoms of possible conditions, leading to misdiagnosis and unnecessary fears, our Symptom Checker provides fast and easy access to medical support. We continually update the app, adding new features, allowing individuals to access the health and wellbeing information and services they need, when they need them, all at the touch of a button.”