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Clinerion to accelerate launch of new treatments in Georgia

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Clinerion, which works to accelerate clinical research and medical access for treatments, has announced that it is expanding in Georgia, US, with the addition of the Medison network of clinics to its Patient Network Explorer Platform.

The Medison network of clinics comprises four clinics, which provide medical care to more than 6,000 patients each month. The clinics specialise in outpatients and dental services, with a focus on patient healthcare, disease prevention and timely and correct diagnosis.

Clinerion said that, as part of its Patients Network Explorer Platform, patients of Medison’s network of clinics will gain access to next-generation treatments and therapies by being matched to leading-edge international clinical trials, and that this will help accelerate the launch of new treatments in Georgia.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to support more patients in Georgia via partnership with Medison,” commented Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Medison’s high quality of patient care makes it a good partner for Clinerion and for sponsors seeking trial sites in Georgia. We look forward to drawing more trials to the country.”