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Best US states for nurses

A happy nurse

Ahead of National Nurses Week next week, personal finance website WalletHub has released a report on 2019’s best and worst US states for nurses, with Oregon coming up trumps.

WalletHub compared states according to 21 key metrics, including monthly average starting salary for a nurse, healthcare facilities per capita, nursing job openings per capita, and competition.

The report found that Oregon has the highest annual mean wage for registered nurses (adjusted for cost of living), US$83,867, which is around 1.4 times higher than in Vermont, which is the lowest at $58,810.

Utah was found to have the lowest current competition in terms of the number of nurses per 1,000 residents at 8.46, while the District of Colombia has the highest at 20.49.

Overall, the top three best states for nurses were found to be Oregon, Minnesota and Washington, and the three worst are Hawaii, New York and the District of Colombia.