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AXA expands health insurance strategy

Mexico on a map

Insurer AXA has announced that it will be expanding its Payer-to-Partner strategy with a view to simplifying the healthcare journey of its customers.

The insurer intends to open as many as 50 medical clinics, which will serve up to 1.5 million clients across emerging markets by the year 2023. It plans to begin in Mexico and Egypt and follow up with clinics in other emerging markets. In Mexico, AXA will launch a joint venture with health insurer Keralty to develop a vertically integrated health system incorporating quality day-to-day healthcare delivery, while in Egypt it will open diagnostic centres and primary care centres, owned wholly by AXA, with the support of World Health Management as its technical partner.

By launching its own medical centres that are directly linked to its health insurance services, AXA is striving to create a digital and physical healthcare ecosystem.

It said the centres will provide customers with an affordable, high-quality and seamless patient experience, with access to advanced diagnostics, laboratory equipment and medical consultations in key specialties.