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Altrua HealthShare offers new benefit

joint pain

Members of Altrua HealthShare – a ‘faith-based healthcare sharing organisation’ – now have access to Regenexx procedures, advanced non-surgical, regenerative treatments for common joint injuries and degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Regenexx are patented procedures that use an individual’s own bone marrow-derived stem cells and concentrated platelets derived from blood to treat and heal common injuries that are often referred for surgery. These include arthritis; muscular/ligament strains; carpal tunnel syndrome; herniated, torn or degenerative discs; knee ACL/MCL/PCL and meniscus tears; tendonitis and bursitis; tennis and golfer’s elbow; Achilles tendon tears; and many more conditions of the joints, bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments.

Regenexx procedures allow patients to avoid lengthy periods of downtime, avoid surgery (over 70 per cent of orthopaedic surgeries can be avoided through proper intervention) and reduce pain (the average patient improvement rate falls at 80 per cent in six months). They also eliminate the need for cortisone injections and addictive pain medications associated with chronic orthopaedic pain.

Coverage for conditions and treatments are dependent on member plans. For more information visit the Regenexx Benefits Altrua HealthShare website.