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Aetna introduces DNA testing

test tubes

In exciting news, Aetna International, which delivers healthcare benefits and population health solutions on a global scale, has launched DNA testing to help its members take control of their health.

The DNA testing is available as an optional part of Aetna’s wellness plans and will look at health and lifestyle, including nutrigenomics, fitness, sleep and stress. “We’re increasingly seeing people take a proactive approach to health, effectively becoming partners in their own care. It’s now possible to take a highly targeted approach to holistic wellbeing, with hyper-personalised and predictive health care. By introducing this type of DNA testing, we’re ensuring our members have the opportunity to take advantage of these advances, combining an awareness of their genetics with digital and social support in changing their behaviours for the better,” said Caroline Pain, Senior Vice-President, Customer Proposition, Aetna International.

The test involves a swab, which is sent to a certified UK lab for analysis and once results are available members are notified by email and can login to explore and download their results. Pain highlighted the importance of privacy, quality and reliability when it comes to genetic health and lifestyle testing and said that Aetna’s members have reassurance that all three are taken care of.