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Abu Dhabi hospital awarded for excellence in international patient care

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Avivo Group's National Hospital has received TEMOS accreditation for excellence in international patient care. It is the first multi-speciality hospital in Abu Dhabi to do so.

Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TIHA) is a worldwide independent accreditation body focused on the quality of international patient management from the medical and non-clinical perspectives. Its goal is to support the improvement and optimisation of the quality of medical treatment and non-clinical services for international patients in medical facilities worldwide. National Hospital is a 22-bed multi-speciality hospital that was originally established in 1994 to serve as a community medical centre but evolved into a hospital four years later. It is associated with healthcare provider Avivo Group and strives to meet the best of international standards.

Dr Dilshaad Ali, CEO of Avivo Group, commented on the achievement and what it means: “It's an honour to be associated with TEMOS and it is a tremendous accomplishment for Avivo Group and National Hospital. We are the first hospital in Abu Dhabi to receive the TEMOS accreditation for quality in international patient care. The prestigious accreditation has validated our high standards, our commitment, and our quality. This important accreditation will help us to become a quality and clinical excellence leader in the international medical care realm.”

Dr Ravipreet Singh, General Manager, Avivo Group – Abu Dhabi, said that receiving the accreditation is an important milestone: “The medical tourism market is a challenging market where patients have particular needs when undergoing treatment abroad. Pre- on-site- and post-treatment take place in different countries and need to be managed properly to assure high-quality and cost-effective medical care during all phases of the treatment process.”