The ITIJ Awards

The ITIJ Industry Awards recognise excellence and innovation in the global travel and health insurance industry, rewarding companies that are truly outstanding

2016 heralds a fresh approach to the Awards – in some cases we’ve widened the scope of an Award, allowing for a more inclusive category. In others, we’ve created whole new categories to recognise excellence in the diverse companies providing expert services to travel insurers and their clients. These include fraud investigation providers, travel security companies, software developers and more.

By extending the reach of the ITIJ Industry Awards this year, we are showing how this global industry is moving and changing with the times, and demonstrating the importance of a wide variety of providers who cater to travellers on a daily basis, whether behind the scenes or on the front line of assistance.

See below for an interview with ITIJ editor-in-chief and ITIC chairman Ian Cameron, where he explains the new Awards categories in more detail.

As ITIJ gears up for the official launch of the 14th annual ITIJ Awards on 4 April, make sure you register on the ITIJ website to be able to vote!

The 2016 ITIJ Industry Awards categories:

  • Travel / International Health Insurer of the Year
    Entrants must underwrite their own cover
  • Assistance Company of the Year
  • Aggregator / Broker / Affinity Partner of the Year
    Including white-label insurance providers
  • Air Ambulance Provider of the Year
  • Cost Containment / Claims Management Company of the Year
    Including third party administrators
  • Medical Provider of the Year
    Including hospitals, medical escorts and medical concierge services
  • Ancillary Assistance Service Provider of the Year
    Including international funeral repatriation providers, non-air medical transports and travel security companies
  • Specialist Service Provider of the Year
    Including fraud detection, legal services, and technology suppliers
  • ITIJ Marketing Campaign of the Year

Awards LIVE stream

The ITIJ Industry Awards take place at the Finale Dinner of the annual ITIC Global event. Those unable to attend in person can view the entire Awards proceedings LIVE on the Internet, with viewers gaining access to exclusive interviews with finalists and winners. It is estimated that around 10,000 individuals will virtually join the proceedings this year.

ITIJ also hosts a LIVE, 30-minute, warm-up show before the main ceremony begins, which includes information on previous winners, highlights from the ITIC Global conference, and interviews with the finalists.

ITIJ editor-in-chief and ITIC chairman Ian Cameron spoke in detail about the new and revised Awards categories for 2016

ITIJ editor-in-chief and ITIC chairman Ian Cameron
ITIJ editor-in-chief and ITIC chairman Ian Cameron

How many Awards are there going to be this year? There will be nine awards presented this year, which is one more than last year. We decided to add in a new category – the Ancillary Assistance Service Provider of the Year – to include more of the travel insurance industry’s key suppliers, such as international funeral repatriation specialists, ground transport services and travel security companies.

What other changes have been made to the Awards categories? There are a number of categories that have been expanded to allow us to recognise the important work of a wider range of industry providers.
The most important change is that we are now including international health insurance companies – so what was previously the Travel Insurer / Underwriter of the Year Award is now the Travel / International Health Insurer of the Year Award. Similarly, the Intermediary / Broker of the Year Award will henceforth be the Aggregator / Broker / Affinity Partner of the Year Award. Meanwhile, instead of there being an Award dedicated to legal services providers, this category has been expanded to include other specialist service providers. So, we’re proud to introduce the Specialist Service Provider of the Year Award, which will also include companies providing fraud investigation services and technology solutions at the back end of the supply chain.

Why did you decide to launch these new and revised categories? There were a few reasons – we felt that some important industry suppliers were not being sufficiently rewarded for the services they render, and some of the categories were a little narrow, so we have widened their scope. With more companies in the mix for these categories, 2016 is going to be the most exciting year yet for the ITIJ Awards.